Table Top Displays


ITAR displays or materials are NOT permitted. The table top displays will be in the general lobby.  

Table top displays are available on Tuesday, May 10, 2022 and Wednesday, May 11, 2022

The display tables are 6 feet in length and a tablecloth will be provided

All displays should fit on the table top and floor displays are not allowed

Space is limited and will be offered on a First Come basis, you can register for a table top space during the registration process

There is no fee for table top displays

Exhibitors shall provide a short description of their display, the description must be Approved for Public Release and emailed to [email protected] by April 4, 2022

Below is a list of Companies that will be displaying:


Toray Advanced Composites  Toray Advanced Composites is the world's leading provider of high-purity, low-dielectric structural radome materials. From environmentally demanding military applications to high-volume commercial aerospace satellite communications, Toray's materials deliver.
Free Form Fibers   Free Form Fibers uses novel Laser Chemical Vapor Deposition to manufacture a range of materials, including Silicon Carbide, Silicon Nitride, and novel carbide, nitride and oxide materials. LCVD is an additive manufacturing process, efficiently producing the highest purity compositions in stoichiometric small diameter fibers, veils and powders. 
3DFortify  Fortify is the leading composite-DLP printing platform enabling high value materials ranging from low-loss dielectric resins to technical ceramics.
 Mainstream Engineering Mainstream Engineering is a thermal control and energy conversion R&D-based manufacturer that focuses on transitioning advanced technology into high-quality and cost-effective products. We are working on the fabrication of transparent optical windows in the infrared spectrum for high-temperature applications such as hypersonic vehicles.  Our design passes single-phase or two-phase coolant through internal passages that are formed using our patented manufacturing process.  Our equipment allows us to produce windows made from a wide variety of materials (e.g., ZnS and SiC) using processes such as chemical vapor deposition and physical vapor transport. 
 SINTX Technologies  SINTX Technologies is a manufacturer of high-performance ceramics - silicon nitride boron carbide and silicon carbide. We are a leader in developing ceramics for biomedical implants, antipathogenic products industrial and aerospace components. We are passionate about leveraging our expertise in the ceramics industry to solve customers’ problems.  
 The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, a DoD sponsored University Affiliated Research Center, has a long history of fundamental research in radome and EO/IR window material development, testing, and modeling and simulation. Our extensive experience with high temperature material testing and the evaluation of fielded systems allows for the development of advanced material modeling tools including the optical property software package OptPropX. OptPropX provides streamlined user access to a wide array of material property data across a broad range of temperatures and wavebands of interest to the DoD community. 
 CVD CERAMICS, INC. Hellma Materials, CVD Ceramics, and IV IR Optics manufacturing materials and fabricating custom optical blanks that cover the spectrum from the deep UV to the far IR.  Hellma Materials produces crystals including Calcium Fluoride, Barium Fluoride, and Cerium Bromide.  CVD Ceramics makes ceramic optical materials via Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) consisting of CVD Zinc Sulfide®, CVD Zinc Selenide® ®and Cleartran® (multispectral ZnS).  IV IR Optics grows crystals of Germanium and supplies Silicon.  Optical blanks for windows, lenses, domes and custom shapes.   




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