Short Course:

Short Course on Materials for Infrared Windows and Dome Radomes

Registration Fee:  $160.00

When:  Monday, May 9, 2022, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  Prior to the 18th DoD Electromagnetic Windows Symposium 

Where:  Courtyard Marriott, Newark-University of Delaware 400 David Hollowell Drive, Newark, DE 19716 
Room:  Salon B 

What and Who:

Morning Session: EOIR Window and Dome Materials. This half-day course presents an overview of optical, thermal and mechanical characteristics of window and dome materials for missiles and aircraft. Other topics include thermal shock response, rain and particle erosion, and slow crack growth in windows. The latest advances in materials will be highlighted. Applications include windows for seekers (including hypersonic missiles) and high power lasers. The course is directed at engineers, scientists and managers who need an introduction to properties and performance of windows and domes. The textbook Materials is included with your registration. The instructors are Colin Ryan from the Research Department at the Naval Air Systems Command, China Lake and Mike Thomas from Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

Afternoon Session:  Radomes - An Abbreviated Short-Course. The course will describe electro-magnetic wave transmitting materials used on supersonic and hypersonic radar-guided tactical missile interceptors and strike weapons.  Fundamental structural and environmental design requirements will be discussed as well as methods to analyze the material responses to the stressors seen during flight.  A discussion of test methods and ways to validate the designs, and to verify models used will be given.  Several specific examples of design and testing conditions will be shown covering boresight error, mechanical integrity, thermal shock and rain damage.   The course is directed at engineers, scientists and managers who need an introduction to radome technology as presently practiced, material properties and understanding the “art” of practical radome design, test and evaluation.  The instructor is Curtis Martin from the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division.

How Much:  The fee for the short course is $160.00. 
Fee includes class notes and presentation materials.  Fee also includes a continental breakfast, lunch and refreshments.


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