Technology Development Engineer

Your Role: FMI is seeking an experienced and motivated Engineer to join the Technology Development team. The responsibility of this position is to conduct research and development activities within the technology development function. This position also applies research theories, principles, and models when conducting experiments and research activities. The Engineer will coordinate and direct projects, making detailed plans to accomplish goals, and directing the integration of technical activities, such as, equipment installation/modification and material system development.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Develops, implements, and sustains policies, standards, and procedures for the engineering and technical work performed
  • Works with team members to solve carbon / silicon carbide fiber composite material issues, solve processing and procedural issues and create component fixtures and tooling
  • Track daily activity to ensure adherence to parametric performance, schedule, and budget
  • Adhere to good manufacturing procedures and document all activity for component traceability
  • Participate and lead design review documentation creation
  • Summarize research results and communicates to both internal and external customers
  • Assesses the scope of research projects and ensures projects are on time and within budget
  • Develops technical documentation for all projects to support parametric outcomes
  • Demonstrate results in technical problem solving and product/process development
  • Analyze technology requirements, resource needs, and schedules to assess and plan project specifications, objectives, and procedures
  • Confer with management, production, facilities, and ESH staff to discuss project specifications, objectives, and procedures
  • Writes periodic reports or oral presentations to management and customers on specific projects
  • Ensures that safety procedures and processes are followed and compliant
  • Applies quality standards to projects to ensure compliance with certification requirements in plant applications.




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