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UDRI is dedicated to mission-oriented R&D, technology development and transition, engineering problem solving, and testing. UDRI’s staff of nearly 400 full-time engineers, scientists, technicians, and support personnel and over 180,000 sq ft of research facilities provide considerable technical strengths in materials, structures, propulsion, sensors, human factors, energy, and the environment. UDRI is a seasoned contractor with over 50 years and $1B experience in contract R&D. Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, UDRI also has staff on-site at Wright-Patterson AFB, Warner-Robins ALC, Ogden ALC, and the High Performance Computing Center in Washington, DC. UDRI is also an experienced systems integrator, often supporting or leading all phases of technology development for its customers, from requirements definition to preliminary and detailed design, analysis, prototyping, testing, transition and training. UDRI uses a disciplined systems engineering approach, supported by ISO 9001/17025 quality systems, resulting in the development of practical hardware solutions that have been implemented on more than 20 aircraft systems. UD is ranked number two among all universities in the nation for the amount of federal- and industry-funded materials research it performs, according to the National Science Foundation. In addition, UDRI is first in Ohio and among the top 30 universities for federally sponsored engineering R&D. UDRI provides the best attributes of both business and academia. UDRI is a distinct business unit of the University of Dayton with its own support offices (Contracts, Accounting, Security…), allowing it to meet schedule milestones and budget constraints while successfully executing all project requirements. Its university association provides objectivity, access to a broad network of academic researchers, and the opportunity to develop the next generation technical work force. UDRI’s accomplishments are marked by integrity, respect for others, and commitment to the individual growth of its employees.

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