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Saint-Gobain High-Performance Materials, headquartered in Northboro, MA, is the business sector containing Saint-Gobain's North American Companies involved in advanced ceramics, refractories, scintillation and photonic crystals, powders, performance plastics, abrasive products, composites & reinforcements. Saint-Gobain is the number one world producer of industrial ceramics for thermomechanical and mechanical applications. Production for advanced ceramics is done at U.S. facilities in several states. Advanced ceramics products include silicon nitride for engines and bearings, silicon carbide and boron carbide for anti-abrasion, engine components and armor. Boron nitride is made for electronic, semi-conductor, steel and cosmetic industries. Oxide ceramics include alumina, transformation toughened zirconia and zirconia toughened alumina, are for a variety of industrial markets. Sapphire ceramics are for transparent armor and aerospace. Ceramic grains and powders are for abrasives, ceramics and environmental and thermal barrier coatings. The Northboro & Worcester R&D Center has research groups for each of the High Performance Materials businesses and technical support services.

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