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Rutgers University - Ceramic, Composite and Optical Materials Center The Ceramic, Composite and Optical Materials Center is an NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) The CCOMC is a partnership between Rutgers University's - Center for Ceramic Research (CCR) and Clemson University's Center for Optical Material Science and Engineering Technologies (COMSET). The CCOMC would be led by Prof. Richard Haber at Rutgers University and Prof. John Ballato at Clemson University. In linking the CCR with COMSET, the Center provides a broader range of relevant technologies critical to ceramic and materials-based companies. These will include thrusts in ceramic materials and processing, nanoparticulates and processes, opaque and transparent ceramics for defense applications, optical material synthesis and processing and materials for energy conversion. Both Rutgers and Clemson have well established, world class programs in all materials engineering, with specialization in ceramic engineering. The CCOMC currently has 37 US and international corporate members focusing on areas such as armor, ceramic powders, single crystal synthesis, photovoltaics, photonic materials, batteries and composite materials.

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