Materials Research & Design, Incorporated

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Materials Research & Design (MR&D) was incorporated in February 1996 under the laws of the state of Pennsylvania as a small business to provide research and design services to the aerospace materials community. Typical programs at MR&D focus on the simultaneous design of material and structure to optimize component cost, weight, or thermomechanical performance. Additional areas of interest focus upon research into the behavior of composite materials and the development of micromechanical models to analyze and understand observed properties. The analytical approach employed by MR&D is based upon a practical understanding of engineering issues founded upon a strong background of theoretical mechanics. The staff of MR&D is well versed in a wide range of engineer¬ing disciplines that are appropriate for the research and design studies described above. In the areas of structural behavior, MR&D has a solid background in static, dynamic, and nonlinear behavior. For problems involving heat transfer, MR&D possesses a strong foundation in all energy transfer mechanisms including conduction, convection, and radiation. MR&D currently occupies approximately 8000 square feet of leased office space at 300 E. Swedesford Rd., Wayne, PA, a Philadelphia suburb.

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