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Lancer is an engineering-driven company.  Our goal is to provide total engineered solutions; applications assessment, component design & development, validation and manufacturing. We aim to fill capability gaps for the military, law enforcement agencies, OEMs and end users across the defense, oil and gas, and aerospace industries. Lancer’s facility has a Type-07 Federal Firearms License as well as an SOT allowing us to manufacture firearms as well as NFA items. Lancer designs, develops and tests all advanced weapons and components in-house.

In-house manufacturing capabilities:

  • Compression Molding – thermoset & thermoplastic
  • Roll Wrapping – composite tubes & other shapes
  • Hand Layup of Pre-Preg Fabric –  in or out of autoclave
  • Injection Molding – thermoset & thermoplastic
  • Bladder Inflation Molding
  • Ceramic-Matrix-Composite (CMC) Processing (Polymer Infusion and Pyrolysis process)
  • CNC Machining
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Optical Assembly

Lancer augments these capabilities with a network of niche partners to offer the following additional capabilities:

  • Filament Winding and Fiber Placement
  • Precision Machining of CMC Materials

Engineering capabilities:

Lancer’s in-house engineering services, such as 3D modeling and our FEA expertise, provide customers with a precise and accurate fit of all components and hardware, with the performance to match. This technical capacity combined with our solid supply chain enables us to provide customers with a variety of production-process alternatives.

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