Lancer Systems

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Lancer Systems (Lancer), an AS9100D-certified company located in Quakertown, PA, is an engineering- driven company that utilizes high-performance, polymer-derived technologies to develop and deliver products where performance is of paramount importance. Lancer is best known for our product line of polymer/steel-hybrid ammunition magazines, our carbon-fiber rifle handguards, and our high performance rifles and rifle accessories intended for the modern professional warfighter, law enforcement officer and discerning competitive shooter. Since 2010, Lancer has also been designing and producing polymer-derived Ceramic-Matrix Composites (CMCs) using the Polymer Infusion and Pyrolysis (PIP) process for DoD and commercial applications. Fielded commercial applications of our CMCs are primarily in the petrochemical-processing, down-hole-drilling and in the metal-forging industries.

In-house manufacturing capabilities:

  • Compression Molding – thermoset & thermoplastic
  • Roll Wrapping – composite tubes up to 4” in diameter
  • Hand Layup of Pre-Preg Fabric –  in or out of autoclave
  • Ceramic-Matrix-Composite (CMC) Processing (Polymer Infusion and Pyrolysis process) &
  • CNC Machining of metals & composites
  • General Mechanical Assembly


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