2022 Exhibitors Guide



Company Company Profile Booth Number
TevTech, LLC  TevTech designs and manufactures custom furnaces for CVI, CVD and sintering  100
Applied Thin Films, Inc. (ATFI)  Applied Thin Films, Inc. (ATFI) develops high temperature ceramic coatings and composites. In this Exhibit, ATFI will be displaying some of our latest product advancements primarily suitable for hypersonics, including a new ultra-high temperature glass coating called “Quartzmos™” with capability of robust protection above 1600°C. ATFI has made great strides recently with our Ox-Ox CMC product offerings including both 2D laminate and 3D woven architectures. We look forward to you visiting our booth!  101
Tekna Over the past 30 years, Tekna has designed and manufactured thermal plasma technologies for materials synthesis and TPS testing in Defense and Aerospace applications worldwide. Our patented industrial processes deploy the power of inductively coupled plasma for production of advanced refractory materials, forming Spherical Micron or Sub-Micron Particles. In addition to the synthesis of materials, our state-of-the-art PlasmaSonic Wind Tunnels for TPS testing employ a broad array of reliable sensor solutions for the testing of experimental super and hypersonic flight materials.  Replicating flight conditions and the recording of critical process data, including sample ablation, stagnation pressure, heat flux, sample temperatures, plasma enthalpy, and gas velocity, form a repeatable and reliable basis for researchers to accurately predict viability of next generation materials needed for hypersonic flight. Tekna’s plasma configurations are available to our customers ranging from Laboratory R&D though Pilot and Production scales.  102
Starfire Systems  Starfire Systems, Inc (SSI) is a specialty material company focused on Polymer Derived Ceramics (PDC) and its Polymer-to-Ceramic TM technology. SSI’s core business is synthesis of silicon-based pre-ceramic polymers and SOL-GEL derived oxide forming materials which are used in polymer matrix composites, oxide and non-oxide ceramic matrix composite (CMC) fabrication. SSI’s high temperature materials are useful in a variety of applications where durable, lightweight and high temperature complex shaped CMC’s are required.  Some examples of applications are high end frictional components, electronic components, thermal protection systems, as well as rocket and engine components.  As a key functional material and technology system supplier, SSI continues to support our manufacturing partners to innovate new materials and systems that meet the demands of a spectrum of technology driven customers and end markets.    103
Lancer Systems  Lancer Systems (Lancer), an AS9100D-certified company located in Quakertown, PA, designs, processes and machines polymer-derived Ceramic-Matrix Composites (CMCs) using the Polymer Infusion and Pyrolysis (PIP) process. While we process Ox- and non-Ox fibers and matrices described in CMH-17-5, our predominate focus is on less-exquisite DoD and commercial/industrial applications where CMCs offer compelling advantages relative to metals and/or monolithic ceramics. Our typical CMC architectures consist of carbon- or nitride-Nextel™ 312. Our typical matrix is SiOC- or SiC-based. Fielded commercial applications of our CMCs are primarily in the petrochemical-processing, down-hole-drilling and in the metal-forging industries. Lancer also provides Boron Nitride (BN) Coating of Nextel™ 312 ceramic fiber products, having acquired worldwide rights for this process.  104
Cornerstone Research Group Cornerstone Research Group, Inc. is an established provider of advanced materials and manufacturing, aerosystems, power and energy, and medical and sensor technologies to the U.S. and global aerospace and defense markets, with an emphasis on US DoD customers. Founded in 1997 in Dayton, Ohio, CRG has continually developed new technologies and delivered end product to users through a variety of manufacturing, licensing, and commercialization pathways. CRG regularly delivers advanced materials and manufactured products through internal business units and spinoff subsidiaries to end users for fielded systems. CRG’s MG resin family of technologies and products are currently being developed, manufactured, and evaluated for use in many high temperature application areas including aerospace thermal protection systems, gun barrel overwraps, and hypersonic carbon-carbon structures. The benefit of this family of technologies includes rapid, affordable high temperature structures through improved manufacturability and unique material properties. These technologies and material products are being developed through CRG with selective materials systems offered for sale to qualified manufacturers through our new business unit venture, Mach 5 Materials, LLC. We look forward to meeting with you in Booth 105 to learn more about how we can help you “Make It Faster”.  105
ATA Engineering, Inc.  ATA Engineering innovates engineering methods that advance the state of the art in modeling and simulation, testing, and machine learning applications to support more rapid and better-informed design of high-speed systems. Our capabilities include rapid characterization of thermal protection systems and advanced flight materials using our COMPAS composite material characterization toolset, and validated multiphysics simulations that offer industry-leading realism in predicting system response and evolution in extreme aerothermal environments. 

As an employee-owned small business and non-traditional defense contractor, we create engineering capabilities to overcome technical challenges in high-speed system development, and support our Government and commercial customers in delivering superior, reliable platforms for tomorrow’s missions.

Inductotherm  Inductotherm Corp. is not new to the business, in fact we were established in 1953, and our experience in high temperature induction heating is why we want to introduce you to our products. VIP® Power-Trak® and VIP® Multi-Switch™ Induction Power Systems provide high temperature graphite heating that is fully controllable. Our
Multi-Zone™ system offers precise zoned temperature control. This unit closely controls the desired temperature over the entire hot zone with two or more multiplexed power outputs. With the most advanced zone heating technology, we offer the ability to control the power applied to each zone of the susceptor to achieve complete process flexibility. To learn more about induction heating, please visit us at Booth #107.
Free Form Fibers (FFF)  Free Form Fibers (FFF) is the world’s leader in laser-driven chemical vapor deposition (LCVD) technology for manufacturing high purity materials, in particular in fiber, coating, and powder formats. Our team at FFF has produced a wide range of materials that are of interest to the composites community with focused interest on demanding, high temperature applications. These LCVD-based materials include carbides, nitrides, borides, and oxides.   200
Materials Research Furnaces, LLC  MRF is a global leader in precision thermal systems essential for the research, development, and production of advanced materials. These advanced materials include ceramic matrix composites (CMC’s), advanced ceramics, and SiC crystals. For decades, we have pioneered some of the world’s most innovative, customized furnace systems, with a focus on enabling the processing of materials at high temperatures in controlled atmospheres or vacuum. For additional information about MRF’s capabilities, please visit our products page by clicking on this link: mrf-furnaces.com. 201
Physical Sciences Inc.  Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI) is a manufacturer of ceramic matrix composite components.  The company’s primary product is carbon fiber reinforced silicon carbide matrix materials (C/SiC).  We offer refractory enhanced matrices in our carbon fiber reinforced products to enable performance in extreme oxidizing environments.  All PSI material systems are manufactured using the polymer infiltration and pyrolysis (PIP) method.  Additional services provided by PSI include fabric coating using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and preform densification using chemical vapor infiltration (CVI).  Our manufacturing facility is in Wilmington, MA. 202
Textile Products Inc Textile Products Inc. develops and manufactures high performance textile structures for a variety of composite applications.
We support applications such as CMC, carbon/carbon, and polymer resin systems. Fabrics include, 2D, 3D, multi-layer and custom designs to meet unique customer requirements. Reinforcements utilized are ceramic, carbon, quartz and aramid yarns.
BAM Inc.  Starting in 1995 BAM has provided its customers who include manufacturers of composite braking systems for the aerospace and automotive industries with carbonization, graphitization, pyrolysis, carbon vapor deposition and other high temperature processing services using its custom designed specialty furnaces. Supporting processes include: raw material needling, die cutting and machining services for our customers who are primarily manufacturers of carbon graphite structures, composites, powders, and fibers, as well as manufacturers of non-oxide ceramics, such as silicon carbide, silicon nitride, boron nitride, boron carbide, or other advanced ceramic materials.  204
Axiom Materials, Inc.  Axiom Materials is the world’s largest industrial producer of a variety of Oxide-Oxide Ceramic Matrix prepreg materials for Aerospace, Defense, and industrial markets. These materials find applications in aircraft engines, hypersonic vehicles, Air Mobility, ground transportation and Green Energy production. Axiom will be introducing an innovative and a new line of Carbon-SiC and SiC-SiC prepregs to meet the growing need for higher temperature applications. Axiom offers an array of CMC material types including prepregs, slit tapes, surfacing films, and molding compounds. 205
Tethon 3D Tethon 3D revolutionizes ceramic 3d printing. We offer an extensive line of ceramic materials for SLA, DLP and binder-jet additive manufacturing. We also sell the Bison 1000 desktop ceramic DLP 3d printer.  206
Cincinnati Testing Labs Inc  CTL has a professional team specializing in the machining, conditioning, and testing of composite, metallic and advanced composite materials. CTL conducts routine tests and also develops specialized machining, and testing procedures for one-of-a-kind, non-standard testing as well.  207
Materials Research & Design (MR&D)  Materials Research & Design (MR&D) is a small business that provides research and design services to the aerospace materials community. Typical programs at MR&D focus on the simultaneous design of material and structure to optimize component cost, weight, or structural performance. Additional areas of interest focus upon research into the behavior of composite materials and the development of micromechanical models to analyze and understand observed properties. The analytical approach employed by MR&D is based upon a practical understanding of engineering issues founded upon a strong background of theoretical mechanics.  300
Bally Ribbon Mills  BRM manufactures engineered 3D woven and braided materials. The 3D orthogonally woven TPS are used in space and hypersonic applications. The TPS are woven utilizing carbon, quartz and ceramic fibers. The 3D woven joint preforms utilize a 3D orthogonal weaving technology and a 3D layer-to-layer weaving technology. These preforms are supplied as dry preforms or resin infused preforms. BRM’s 3D orthogonal weave technique was used for composite compression pads, which were developed as part of NASA’s Heat Shield for Extreme Entry Environment Technology (HEEET) project. BRM manufactures various aircraft engine composite parts such as outlet guide vanes (OGV) and other structures utilizing contour and near-net-shape weaving techniques. 301
Bullen Ultrasonics, Inc  Bullen Ultrasonics, Inc. uses a proprietary ultrasonic machining technology to easily machine the most demanding CMC and ceramic applications. Stop by to learn how ultrasonic machining can prevail, when other machining processes can come up short.   302
Plasma Processes  Founded in 1993 and located in Huntsville, AL – “The Rocket City” – Plasma Processes is an AS9100D:ISO 9001:2015 certified provider of high-performance materials, coatings and net-shape structures for extreme environments. Our solutions portfolio addresses thermal, oxidation, & radiation protection, emissivity, electrical isolation, wear & corrosion resistance, dimensional restoration and the manufacture of net-shape, flight-qualified hardware. We design, develop, manufacture and test materials for liquid & solid propulsion, hypersonic, spacecraft, satellite and munitions applications. Our experienced team of materials/chemical engineers and subject matter experts have significant experience maturing technologies from basic research through system qualification and into production. 400
Southwest Research Institute Southwest Research Institute is an independent non-profit R&D facility headquartered in San Antonio, TX with 2700 employees, 1500 acres, and more than 2 million square feet of lab space. We work closely with our clients to solve high tech problems and advance the state of the art across a wide array of disciplines. Examples include hypervelocity flight and impact, high temperature material characterization, materials and process modeling, additive manufacturing, advanced machining, surface coatings, and uncertainty quantification. 401
Element Materials Technology   Element Materials Technology provides a broad range of testing services. These include materials and product qualification testing. We have experience machining and testing ceramic matrix composites. These services include creep and fatigue testing at high temperature. Our family of laboratories is dedicated to meeting your needs.   402
 FMI, A Spirit AeroSystems Company  Spirit AeroSystems is the pre-eminent supplier of fuselages, pylons, nacelles, integrated wings and components. We leverage decades of design and manufacturing expertise, combined with our people, facilities and equipment, to be the most innovative and reliable supplier of military aerostructures, and specialty materials, enabling warfighters to execute complex, critical missions. 403 




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