2018 Exhibitors Guide


Company Company Profile Booth Number
Bullen Ultrasonics, Inc.  Bullen Ultrasonics is the world leader in the ultrasonic machining of advanced ceramics and other difficult to machine hard and brittle materials.  100
Fiber Materials Inc.  FMI designs, develops, and manufactures composite materials and components that perform in the most demanding applications and the most extreme environments. Our core strength is the ability to weave the most intricate fiber reinforcement designs and convert them to products which perform beyond the capabilities of conventional laminate composites, ceramics, and metals. Leveraging these fabrication technologies since 1969, we have grown to be the leading supplier of propulsion hot components and thermal protection system materials in the aerospace industry. Our products enable the most difficult missions, survive at the most extreme temperatures, and provide the greatest reliability to our customers. We proudly serve the U.S. Armed Forces, NASA, and aerospace and industry customers.  101
EEMS, LLC EEMS, LLC is a technology company enabling extreme environment materials solutions through the supply of polymers, resins and related materials that enable manufactures to create products that are able to run hotter, last longer and are lighter.    104
Textum Weaving  Textum Weaving is an advanced composite fiber weaver focusing on 3D fabrics and 3D preforms as well as standard 2D fabrics in both narrow and wide widths. We have extensive experience with a variety of fibers including ceramics, PAN and PITCH carbon, aramids, metals and others. We work with customers through R&D to develop application specific solutions and then transition those solutions into a production environment.   106
Element Materials Technology  A recognized leader in testing, inspection, and product certification for over 40 years, Element Cincinnati was established as an independent mechanical testing laboratory with expertise in metals, alloys, and ceramic matrix composites. Our state of the art 60,000 square foot facility, 250+ test machines, and temperature capabilities up to 2700°F enable us to provide high capacity service to customers across a unique range of industries, including aerospace, biomedical, industrial manufacturing, power generation, and transportation.   107
Lancer Systems   Lancer engineers are experts in lightweight composite material design and application. The realm of composites, which includes thermoplastics, thermosets, and ceramic-matrix materials, sometimes offers intrinsic material properties superior to metal. Areas of potential advantage include weight, stiffness-to-weight ratio, self-lubricity, thermal and/or electrical insulation, performance at extreme temperatures (both cryogenic and > 2500°F) and manufacturing cost. Lancer’s breadth of composites materials and processes experience gives us the ability to identify opportunities for which composites offer advantages to metal, and to design and select appropriate solutions for these applications. Lancer’s market focus is application engineering, rapid prototyping and production volumes typical of Defense applications.  200


 Superior Graphite Innovating since 1917, Superior Graphite offers a range of Non-Oxide Ceramics, using continuous synthesis to produce a domestic source of Beta-Silicon Carbide, and processing of custom Alpha-Silicon Carbide and Boron Carbide. Capitalizing on a core technology of electro-thermal treatment/purification, engineered Graphite & Carbons are complemented with advanced sizing and custom-mix technologies. Other markets served include energy/thermal management, metallurgy (iron & steel), friction modification, drilling material additives, and polymers/C.A.S.E. materials. Precision grinding and sizing technologies translate into an unmatched ability to alter and customize product attributes to suit specific requirements.  207




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